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Founded in 2000, New Fortune International is the general agent of American Taihuasi Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in Macau. As a professional supplier of cleaning equipment and supplies, it has established a solid reputation and position in the industry. The purpose of New Fortune International is to provide a wide range of products, high-quality products and services to cater to customers and markets with different needs. After more than ten years of continuous improvement, the types of products and services provided by New Fortune International are countless. The industries served include: hotel industry, catering industry, cleaning company, school and government agency, etc. There is no doubt about the quality of products and services.
Since the service of New Fortune International, the primary goal has always been the same, which is to maintain high-quality products and services. In order to face the constant changes in the new century and the development of technical requirements, New Fortune International has optimized the pre-sales and after-sales systems, and its continuous improvement is the consistent style of New Fortune International.
New Fortune International also pays attention to and recognizes that "health, environmental protection and safety" is the primary responsibility and task. Encourage all employees to participate in various service training and product knowledge courses to improve the quality of the company's personnel and provide customers with better and more comprehensive services.


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Tel: (853) 2840 3388

Fax: (853) 2840 0154


Address: Rua De Tribuna, No 305, Sun Fu Lon Centro Comercial Plaza, 3 Andar E, em Macau

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